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2008-03-08 22:12:19 by DillClock

Apart from Wade being the angry admin that he is, I would have to say that camel day was a complete sucess.



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2008-03-08 22:20:39

Indeed, camel day was awesome!

Wadolf made it even better {{{{Wade}}}}


2008-03-08 22:31:53

If it had been in the form of one or two large compilations of camel movies, Camel Day would have been a huge success, and might have clinched Review Crew Pick for the week. However, you did it in the same way that Duck.fla Day was carried out, so that really pissed Wade off, and what's worse it was Tom who contacted him about it, that it seems that even Tom Fulp, your greatest supporter and one of your own, the man who hosts the Clock Crew servers, was ticked off by the flood.


2008-03-08 22:51:15

Wasn't really that funny until Wade decided to get angreh.